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Jewelry and perfumes have a lot in common. Both – jewelry and perfume-making are ancient forms of art and mysterious artifacts, hence historically cultural phenomenons. In the time of first civilizations, jewelry and perfumes were used as the symbols of status and were used in the rituals – to bring luck, keep away the illnesses, protect and seduce. A scent associated with a good experience can bring a rush of joy.

Jewelry possesses a similar effect – think of inherited gemstones, jewelry pieces, gifts or engagement rings.

Perfumes and jewelry can evoke strong emotional responses.

At our studio You may not only find Your dream perfume, but You may also discover new ways to wear a scent or get to know which ingredients are Your personal favorites. Every visit to our studio is an adventure, new experience, because we have always something new to share with You.
Our concept is to curate offering of the very best lesser known fine fragrances created with love, passion and dedication.

Our new jewelry and fine fragrance store is open!
Come visit us at Rotermanni 7, Tallinn.

PERFUME “Anima Dulcis”

Baroque, complex & sensual.
Anima Dulcis (Latin for ‘sweet soul’) is a reverential scent, paying tribute to the seductive cocoa recipe created in secret by the nuns of the Royal Convent of Jesus Maria. 

PERFUME “Boutonnière No 7”

Something out of the ordinary… 
Memorable combination of gardenia and vetiver.