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The main problem in the sustainability of jewelry manufacturing is the use of cheap labor and the utilization of harmful metal mining methods, which involve the surface soil removal combined with the usage of chemicals that can cause erosion, formation of sinkholes, the loss of biodiversity, and soil pollution along with groundwater and surface waters.

The second major problem in the manufacturing of jewelry is the utilization of numerous production processes, like various decorative treatments and use
of synthetic inserts.

The packaging, displays, and visual merchandising is another sector where to turn the attention to while trying to improve the sustainable approach of jewelry manufacturing.

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Sustainability is part of Hyrv’s core values and is accomplished by:

• Using only recycled silver

• Using only natural stones or other decoration materials

• Implying artisan methods, non-toxic and low energy requirements
jewelry-making processes

• The packaging is made out of recycled paper and cotton and is
100% re-usable and recyclable

• All collections are 3D printed, which increases efficiency and
reduces the unwanted waste

• Walnut shells and other organic fillers are used for polishing or
matting the surface of silver

• Maximum protection is applied in order to guarantee a health-
promoting and safe working environment for all the employees.