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“MUSK – AMBERGRIS” Affinessence perfume


“Ambergris, the precious sperm whale excretion that’s aged for years by the ocean, is the purest essence of the sea. It’s an unusual material in perfumery because although it derives from an animal and retains a distinctly animalic character, it also smells mineral, earthy, ozonic, and foresty. In fact, one could say that the scent of ambergris is a microcosm of nature’s bounty in full.”
– Luckyscent

Known for its distinctive scent, AMBERGRIS is even more precious when « aged » as its qualities are enhanced after floating for years under the sun of the Pacific Ocean.

AFFINESSENCE has chosen the exceptional quality of this scent, using it generously enough to express its powers of irresistible attraction.
While AMBERGRIS diffuses an animal warmth and a mineral freshness, a burst of Black Musk and White Truffle accentuate the « hot and cold » effect, creating a tingling sensation.
Yerba Mate, Patchouli and Vetiver from Haiti highlight the exuberant scent of this striking that you’ll want to breathe in until overdose.



“MUSK – AMBERGRIS” by Affinessence perfume. Affinessence is the brainchild of Sophie Bruneau, an artist and marketing director with over 25 years’ experience in the French fragrance industry. The brand is constructed around the concept of Base Perfumes- fragrances rich with the highest quality basenote ingredients, suitable for solo wear or as a layer to add indescribably rich and sensual elements to any other fragrance.

Not only new niche perfumes, AFFINESSENCE Artistic Perfumes represent a new Luxurious Perfumery.

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eau de parfum

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50ML / 1.7 FL OZ.


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