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Affinessence perfume “PATCHOULI-OUD”


Nestled at the heart of Indonesia and considered unaffordable in today’s perfumery, Natural AGAR WOOD is a veritable treasure in the world of art perfumery. AFFINESSENCE has chosen to combine this with a magnificent Essence of PATCHOULI, enabling new facets of its famed scent to burst forth.
Enhanced by a dazzling myriad of Natural Ingredients (Vetiver from Java, Cistus and Labdanum, Elemi and Incense, Guaiac Wood and Tree Moss), this duo explodes on the senses, while the revisited Patchouli develops a luxurious trailing scent.

As with any scent based entirely on heavy basenotes, there’s always the danger of it turning into a lead balloon, but that’s been avoided here thanks to use of a bright, grassy vetiver and the lemony smoke of elemi resin, both of which keep the composition aerated. The smoky chypric finish of whiskey-ish labdanum and bitter oakmoss confirms Patchouli Oud as the perfect choice for the gentleman daring enough to pull off an oud scent alongside a perfectly tailored three-piece suit.

Perfumer : Nicolas BONNEVILLE.



« PATCHOULI OUD » perfume by Affinessence.

Affinessence is the brainchild of Sophie Bruneau, an artist and marketing director with over 25 years’ experience in the French fragrance industry. The brand is constructed around the concept of Base Perfumes- fragrances rich with the highest quality basenote ingredients, suitable for solo wear or as a layer to add indescribably rich and sensual elements to any other fragrance.

Not only new niche perfumes, AFFINESSENCE Artistic Perfumes represent a new Luxurious Perfumery.

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eau de parfum

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50ML / 1.7 FL OZ.


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