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Hyrv Name Legend

Hyrv draws its inspiration from the past and the future. The name comes from an Estonian word ‘hirv’ which means ‘deer’,
an animal which is known for sensitivity, intuition, and gentleness. The tenderness of this animal is as gentle as a touch of a woman who cares, and as healing as an ancient tale that connects and makes sense of all of the signs in the universe, a tale that teaches a lesson.

The legend of Hyrv is one of those stories that trace back into one’s childhood and brings the very first eye-catcher into life.
Just as a deer who caught the attention of Kateryna, the founder of the brand Hyrv, when she was a child and lived close to the forest.
Every morning when she woke up, she saw the deers passing by, secretly wishing that they would allow her to stay close to them when she went into the forest. She felt something in common, something very familiar with those gracefully wild, very instinctual animals. And every evening before going asleep, she read her favorite fairytale called “Silver Hoof”, a story about the deer who sparked jewels.

Kateryna Pishon by Krõõt Tarkmeel for Anne&Stiil

When this magical creature with five tine antlers, stamped with his silver hoof on the right forefoot, he left a gem there; whenever he pawed the ground, he left a whole pile. She made a wish to possess the same power. They say – watch what you wish for… Years went by, lessons were learned, and the past reappeared in the present time as the brand Hyrv was born.

At Hyrv we believe that true learning is a form of love, it is humble and resistant. Just as a timeless piece of jewelry, so we see a human nature – resistant to the test of time and obstacles, humble and loving towards the past, the present, and the future.
We believe that to look forward, we must look backward, know where we come from, and care about our past.
Hyrv isn’t just a brand. It is a force, and it has a soul. Its soul is rooted in careful learning; in maintaining the respect for our deserving past, in staying humble, gentle, and loving.

Ahead is not further than behind; let your piece of Hyrv lead the way, take care, and make sense of today.