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In correct usage, the name refers to a black and white banded variety of Agate, or sometimes a monochromatic agate with dark and light bands (brown and white for example) – but traditionally the name was reserved for black and white banded agate.
In the Bible it is one of the precious jewels, which were set in the high priest’s breastplate and is said to be one of the twelve jewels set in the wall of the New Jerusalem.
Onyx is found mostly in India and South America.
We use Indian onyx in our jewelry.

Your talisman and soul healing…

We believe that each of Hyrv’s jewelry piece has a soul, because it’s made by human hands with positive and loving energy. We believe, that our jewelry bring good luck and harmony for its wearer.
Also, we cannot skip the spiritual meaning of stones we use, because each gem is a masterpiece created by Her Majesty – Mother Nature.

Onyx helps to clear emotional pain and protects from negative energies. It stimulates thought and logic, also improves concentration.
For astrology enthusiasts – this gemstone suits best for Virgo, Cancer and Scorpio…