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Blossom is created to highlight beauty of any lady.

Freedom ear cuffs are edgy yet elegant and guaranteed to steal the attention of everyone around.

Les Papillons earrings fly and call for spring and summer.

Ribbon ring hyrv

Feel that spring in your step

Spring always feels like a time of renewal and awakening. But at times it may make us feel unconfident about our appearance. Beauty is such a broadly defined term, why narrow it to uncomfortable and unachievable standards? We have the choice to define beauty on our own terms.

BLOSSOM stud earrings with peach moonstone
Les Papillons golden earrings "Redcurrant"

There is some warmth to the early morning air now, an exciting sign that spring is  already here…

blossom floret ring

These earrings whisper ‘the grace of design’

TORI collection takes its name from a Japanese word for birds, graceful creatures, that have always stood for freedom and joy of life.

Enhance Your Individuality

TORI rings, necklaces, and earrings embrace long curved lines and are inspired by a Japanese crane, a bird of immortality, who is believed to bring happiness and smoothness into one’s life.