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Pigmentarium perfume “Murmur”


It’s always there. Omnipresent. Intimate. You can feel it inside and out but there’s no way of touching it, no way of stopping it. Some call it love. You know it’s your indescribable obsession. MURMUR. The familiar voice at the back of your head, the way your heart skips the same every time, the way your skin heats up and your body tingles in sensation. Are you ready to dive in?




Rose, Patchouli


Oud, Santal, Civet, Musk



“MURMUR” eau de parfum by Pigmentarium.

Every single PIGMENTARIUM perfume is a creative statement of dreams, thoughts, and desires. None of them follows any trend – the scents are designed to underline the character of the person wearing it. In PIGMENTARIUM perfumes you will find only the very best quality of essential oils and raw materials.

Given the complexity of our scent composition and also through a high concentration of ingredients you will be able to discover layers of the scent and it will be with you for several hours – the “MURMUR” eau de parfum by Pigmentarium scent’s might even follow you for days.

In all precious moments you are wearing your favorite scent, its appearance will evolve and change. Musk, for example, will adapt to its wearer. The same scent worn by two different persons will never smell exactly the same. Thanks to the natural high-quality ingredients we are using, our scents have the ability to evoke emotions and memories. But be assured – only the most beautiful ones.