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Hyrv Gift Card 100 EUR


A Hyrv Gift Card is perfect for any occasion.
Let that someone special choose jewelry, perfumes or home decor that tops their wish list.

Enjoy complimentary gift wrapping and shipping.




Since the very beginning of its creation, jewelry has been seen as a symbol of belief and power. Portable objects that are attractive to the eye and soothing for the soul, items that define and extend the wearer.
Jewelry objects are almost like living beings whose values we can feel. HYRV draws its inspiration from the past and the future.
The name comes from an Estonian word ‘hirv’ which means ‘deer’.
In ancient cultures, deer was a symbol of spiritual authority and regeneration, a messenger and a totem representing sensitivity, intuition, and gentleness.

HYRV jewelry pieces encapsulate this symbolism – nature-inspired forms capturing the pure meaning of each part and material
used, simple lines with the complex presence of a soul put into the work.
Brand’s sculptural approach sees every jewelry piece as a unique object to be looked at, worn, and adored. Just as a token, or a small doll that keeps all the personal magic alive. The credo is to enliven the intuition and set free the imagination by promoting positive radiance and lucidity.

Award-winning* HYRV jewelry brand creates graceful objects that are crafted to enter and last in this world – to create a jewel with a meaning for oneself or for another is a symbol of an intimate, enlightened quest.
Refined, minimalist, and structured lines construct a strong presence and draw a poetic message in line with its own thinking. The brand wants each piece to become a personal quest, a moment, a page where each of us would be free to write our own story, engrave our own statement among sculptural shapes of HYRV’s jewelry pieces.

Hyrv has been awarded as number one at JCK Editor’s Choice Awards at JCK fair in Las Vegas, in
2018. A premier trade show in the jewelry industry, The JCK Editor’s Choice Award honors JCK Design
Exhibitors who break the boundaries of innovation and originality, combining new trends and classic
n 2020 jeweller Kateryna Pishon got awarded with 1st place on international jewel contest “Gems by Nomad” with her Namibian tourmaline ring design.

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