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Define me ‘love’, and my world will be forever yours.

Wedding rings symbolize commitment and a promise given for a lifetime. Following the best jewelry-making traditions, Hyrv offers its customers a wide range of services to co-design and create unique engagement and wedding rings of the highest quality. Hyrv is well-known for its caring, and individual approach towards every project – all wishes of the customer are important and considered in the design process, and implemented in the piece maintaining visual harmony between the prong and the stone. All  diamonds offered by Hyrv are of premium quality – the characteristics of the stones are rigorously evaluated by the masters and experts according to the globally accepted standard “4C”, a universal method for assessing the quality of a diamond – a perfect combination of carat, color, clarity, and the cut.

All our jewelry pieces are hand-crafted in Tallinn by Hyrv artisans and specialists. Each part of the jewelry piece is polished to perfection and
meticulously adjusted to the individual size of each client.
Love is inspiring and empowering, and Hyrv rings reflect and remind of these vibrant and beautiful, one-of-a-kind relationships.

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