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A contemporary eau in an ”aquatic” theme, Eaumer is playful and young. An interplay of vetiver and anise suggest the sea and the accompanying
notes conjure the breeze carrying the scent and sound of everything it touches.
A sea themed fragrance without obnoxious synth-clean notes, Eaumer is inspired by a day on the Aegean coast when the time stood still.

Notes: ambergris, anise, bergamot, haiti vetiver, herbs, jasmine, lavender, lime, mastic, musk

“The sea has a special place in my heart but I’ve often been disappointed with obnoxious “aquatic” fragrances that smell synthetic-clean. For my take on the theme, I avoided the usual aquatic notes and instead focused on what the air smelled like in my memory. The result was essentially an aromatic eau that conjures the seaside perfectly through illusion. Reminding me of a time when there was all the time in the world…”



Pekji is an independent Turkish perfume brand, founded by the Istanbul perfumer Ömer İpekçi. Before officially launching Pekji had a growing underground existence for years, as the perfumes made for a small circle of perfume enthusiasts quickly garnered a dedicated following through word of mouth.

Encouraged by an audience who looks for substance before marketing, Pekji now opens its doors to a wider world. Still as determined to create inspired perfumes that deserve to exist.

An illustrator and graphic designer by trade, Ömer Ipekçi was born in Istanbul where he currently resides. A childhood spent between the high altitudes of rural Black Sea, the idyllic Mediterranean coast and the chaotic urban Istanbul has taught him to appreciate contrasting environments and cultures for what they are.
Before taking on perfumery, Ipekçi also sought creative expression in painting, music, photography, and calligraphy without making them public.

“Perfume is an underappreciated shortcut to trigger emotion without words and images getting in the way. It can and should be more than seeking status or smelling acceptable.”

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eau de parfum