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Coco Earrings Silver


Coco collection earrings are perfect example of combining modern chic with timeless elegance.

Coco earrings will add subtle elegance to everyday outfit whether you prefer latest fashion trends or classical style.




Coco kollektsiooni väikesed kõrvarõngad valgete Akoya merepärlitega sobivad kandmiseks nii argipäeval kui ka piduliku dresscode’i puhul.
Klassikaline ja elegantne kingitus tulevasele pruudile, sünnipäevalapsele või emale.

*2018ndal aastal osalesime Ameerika Ühendriikides kõrgelt hinnatud juveelimessil JCK Las Vegas, kus žürii sõnul “peene disaini” eest auhinnati meie kollektsiooni “Coco” esimese kohaga.




What is perfection? Real perfection is in the knowing, in knowing what to say, when to say, and when not, regardless of the situation. It’s about taking time, reflecting, and reacting with a class and grace. Perfection is hidden; it’s about having everything but not showing it, it’s about the ‘less’ that stood the test of time, the highest quality and most outstanding of its kind.

COCO collection design transmits the message that ‘less is more’ and ‘quality is everything’ in a perfectly chic and lightweight way. All pieces are made from silver and decorated with white Akoya pearls from Japan that touch the skin of a wearer – creating an intimate relationship with a precious gemstone. Pearls improve their luster when worn next to the skin as the natural oils of a person wearing them keep them moisturized.

COCO collection objects represent a woman with a mind and attitude, a lady with a class. A class as a work of art of recognized and established value, that is there to stay, to be remembered and valued. This collection confirms that one cannot buy morals, intelligence, and class; one has to pursue and live it.

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white rhodium plated silver, white Akoya sea pearls


DROP: 2.5 CM

Made in