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Les Papillons Earrings pink and white enamel


“Les papillons” jewellery collection is inspired by the momentary and elusive beauty of butterflies.

Butterflies have been a symbol for renewal, celebrations, weddings, and life.  Ancient cultures believed that butterflies will bring luck and wellbeing.
The purpose of  our “Les Papillons” collection is to bring joy, luck and romantic mood to its wearer.
Collection is performed in the classical technique of processing silver and enamel.

These pink and white earrings suit for women in all ages.



Liblikad on uuestisünni, pidustuste, pulmade ning elu sümbol. Juba iidsetest aegades on usutud, et liblika nägemine toob õnne ja heaolu.
Liblikatega kõrvarõngad on ajatud ning alati stiilsed.
Nende kõrvarõngaste puhul on kasutatud klassikalist emailimise tehnikat. Hõbe on rodeeritud ning seetõttu sobib hästi kandmiseks ka allergikutele.

Roosa ning valge mõjuvad värskendavalt ning romantiliselt. Suurepärane kingitus iseendale või kallile emale, õele, sõbrannale…



Transformation is essential to survive, move on, and live more. The master of change is a butterfly – an animal that undergoes a complete metamorphosis passing through four stages: egg, larva, pupa, and adulthood, whereas each stage has a different goal.

LES PAPILLONS collection is inspired by the instantaneous and elusive beauty of a butterfly. The collection is performed in the classical technique of processing silver and pink enamel. The pieces are easy to wear and mix with other jewelry. The collection is designed to bring joy, luck, and romantic mood to the one who wears it.

Ancient cultures believed that butterflies would bring luck and wellbeing. Today, butterflies symbolize renewal, celebrations, and life. Transformation and renewal are life, and one can become whatever he or she wants to be, just as a butterfly.

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white rhodium plated silver, pink and white enamel


2 cm

Made in