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Bones golden necklace with Black Onyx


Bones necklace is a perfect statement gift. A piece that is designed to serve as a
silent protection talisman, daily.

Read more about black ONYX

When buying in November Hyrv brand jewellery with a value between 50€ – 149€, you will receive an assortment of Venchi’s luxury chocolates as a gift! For a purchase worth from 150€, you will receive a bottle of Brut Sélection Blanc de Noirs, Champagne de L´Auche as a gift!

  • The offer is valid only within Estonia and the campaign does not extend to other discounts (eg in the case of a gift card)


Musta oonüksiga “Bones” ripats annab kandjale otsuse- ja enesekindlust.




The BONES collection is all about the deep influence of spiritual attributes, designed in modern forms of the finest detail. Combining the spiritual significance of bones, modern  forms and technologies, we create a collection BONES, destined for both men and women, full of deep rebirth of mysticism in the modern vision.


Ehtekollektsioon “Bones” on inspireeritud mineviku ehtekunstist, iidsetest sümbolitest ja kujunditest ning nende müstilisest tähendusest. Iidsetel aegadel kandisd ehted amulettide ja talismanide rolli. Materjalidest kasutati luid (bones), millel usuti olevat maagilised omadused.
Kollektsioonis leidub ehteid nii meestele kui naistele.