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VICENZAORO jewellery exhibition

This year the team of Estonian jewelry brand Hyrv went for new experiences, technological trends and gems to the international exhibition Vicenzaoro. An annual exhibition of jewelry Vicenzaoro is one of the key events in the world jewelry industry. Vicenzaoro first exhibition was held in 1975, since then the exhibition is famous for its long history and has a very positive reputation among connoisseurs and professionals. The dimensions of the exhibition hall immediately make it clear how large-scale exhibition is and kilometre-long queues of Maserati, Ferrari, Lamborghini and other super cars say about the status and level of the event. By invitations only and by passport. No strangers allowed to this kind of exhibition, everywhere are armеd Carabiniers keeping it safe. To come around the whole exhibition took us 3 days, during which we met closely with manufactory Italian, Asian and Arabic jewelry. These are the jewelry pieces that you often see in stores. We were most of all fascinated by the department called “Icon”, where were presented the most famous jewelry houses.




Italian style in jewelry is well recognised, it is always full of colour and volume, a good example of this is a well-known company “BVLGARI” or RobertoBravo. Due to the crisis in Europe, the preferences of Italians have changed a little, and now they are more likely to order and buy diamonds and minimalist jewelry.



In the pavilion with precious stones an unprepared person could have lost consciousness or be blinded by the glitter of diamonds, brightness of gemstones and the quantity. We strongly expanded our gems supplier base and bought some for Hyrv collection from Italian family company. To get an appointment with the family, we had to stand in queue for 2 hours, but it was worth it.


It is difficult to imagine the total sum of all jewelry brought by the exhibitors, saying in the billions, I think that I’ll be far from exaggerating the amount.

Summing up the story, I would like to motivate you to buy jewelry items more and more, because you can not imagine how much of those in the world, and they are all waiting for you!