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Sophistication in a contemporary design

I wonder what defines sophistication in a contemporary jewelry design now?


Although for me sophistication means quality, class and neatness the root word leads us to the the Greek sophists, or “wise man.” (Greek: σοφιστής, Latin: sophists) So if sophistication shows the quality or character of being intellectually sophisticated, does it always mean being expert or having knowledge of some technical subject?

My short answer would be “yes”. Contemporary designs requires analysing different transformations, you need a special knowledge to find the purity and natural character in the complex; the simple condition and sophisticated character, ideas, tastes, or ways is the result of education, worldly experience and taste.

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Jean Arp (1886 – 1966) – Dream Amphora (Objet de reve a l’anse), 1941


Interesting is when something is done right, you don’t see the hours of hard working behind it; only the splendid final product. There’s no doubt, that simplicity and elegance take time and talent to execute properly. Sophisticated design extracts the complex nature into something that is utterly simple and makes sense.


Anni Jürgenson together with Hyrv (Monquer in past)  team in working on the project ( collection Tori 2015)

There are different types of elegance and you should know your audience because what was considered “elegant design” in 1990s may be antiquated by today’s standards. The details that make the design elegant are also affected by trends in the industry and what we perceive to be sophisticated at the moment.


Hyrv aesthetic is clean and light, and the products are displayed as works of art. In our design, it’s less about what you want to include, and more about what you want to leave out. Hyrv’s sophisticated designs repeat a classic feel using shapes and borders made from clean lines. Clean lines and details make a design seem elegant and simple at the same time.



Kateryna Pishon sketches for Titanium Balloons collection



Although design is subjective I find that sophisticated design is simply a good design. And when it is artfully executed, it comes across as effortless.