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Tori Bangle Golden


This elegant and contemporary bangle looks best while reaching out to grab your favorite glass of champagne. Wear yours solo or paired in two on each wrist.


Käevõrud muudavad käed elegantsemaks ning lisavad žestikuleerimisele graatsilisust.
Kanna seda käevõru eraldi või koos teiste meie kollektsioonide käevõrudega.

♦ Kui lisad selle ehte ostule juurde veel ehteid nii, et ostukorvi lõppsumma on 180 EUR, saad meilt kingituseks kaasa kinkekaardi õhtusöögile. Kinkekaardi väärtus 50 EUR. Kinkekaart kehtib meie lemmikrestoranides: Moon, Kolm Sibulat, Mantel & Korsten.


TORI collection takes its name from a Japanese word for birds, graceful creatures, that have always stood for freedom and joy of life. In Japanese, Chinese, and Korean cultures, the crane bird represents good fortune and is believed that when folds an origami crane, one’s wish would come true.

TORI rings, necklaces, and earrings embrace long curved lines and are inspired by a Japanese crane, a bird of immortality, who is believed to bring happiness and smoothness into one’s life.

This red-crowned crane, also called the Japanese crane, is a large East Asian crane among the rarest cranes in the world and is a symbol of luck, longevity, and fidelity. The elements that construct true happiness… Because happiness is not attained through self-gratification but through fidelity to a worthy purpose. Nothing is nobler than fidelity.


TORI kollektsioon on inspireeritud õnnekurgedest ehk jaapani kurgedest ning sõna “tori” tähendab jaapani keeles lindu. Jaapanis usutakse, et kured toovad õnne, pikka iga ja heaolu. Vanas-Kreekas ja Roomas peeti kurgi armastuse toojateks ning päikesejumal Heliose lindudeks. 

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14K Rose Gold plated silver


S/M (58mm x 45mm)

Made in



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Care guide

Remove your jewelry before you swim in chlorine or salt water.
Remove your jewelry before participating in activities that will cause you to sweat a lot.
Wait to put on your jewelry until after you have applied lotion, makeup or perfume.
Remove jewelry if you will be bringing it into contact with something hard. (For example, take off your ring before lifting weights.)
Store your plated jewelry where it won’t rub against other hard substances (a soft bag—one per piece of jewelry—is ideal).
Wipe your gold plated jewelry after each use, using a soft cloth to remove any dirt or debris. You may also soak it for a few minutes in warm, soapy water and dry it gently with a soft cloth as needed.

If your jewelry is tarnished beyond what a good cleaning can remedy, all is not lost. You can breathe new life into your jewelry by having it re-plated at our studio.