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Titanium Balloons Curl Large Earrings Polar Blue

220.00 178.00

In this jewellery collection titanium shapes instead of stones have been used, which are moulded in silver. Titanium got its volume by press machines. As titanium is one of the hardest metals in the world, the pressing process took more than 4 months. The titanium balloons have got natural bright shades, which have been accopmlished by using anodizing. The collection was a very positive challenge – making light balloons from one of the hardest materials, titanium!



TITANIUM BALLOONS collection is a play between two contrasting parts – Between fragile balloons and durable titanium metal.

The use of titanium instead of gemstones is a fun and original way of modern jewelry-making. Titanium gets its volume by the press machines, and as titanium is one of the hardest metals, the pressing process takes up to four months to complete. The natural bright shades of titanium balloons have been accomplished by anodizing, a biocompatible and non-polluting process that doesn’t include using any dyes.

You shoot me down,
but I get up;
I’m bulletproof nothing to lose;
I am titanium.

TITANIUM BALLOONS collection pieces are a bold statement – pieces for someone who loves minimalism with a unique twist.

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