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Incense collection BON VOYAGE


Let us take you on an adventure. Whenever, wherever. Let us make you feel both gone and aware. Right here, right now. Four unique incense fragrances KÂSHÂN ROSE, SANTAL BLUES, MOROCCAN MINT, JERICHO NOIR are made for the sweetest escapes — even if only for a bit. Find yourself in a tranquil garden full of roses, a bar with that intimate sweet undertone lingering forever in the air, relaxed at a souk during afternoon tea, or in the middle of a sensual night. Take a deep breath and let it overwhelm you. This moment is yours.

40 incense sticks

Hand-made in Sri Lanka



A scent timed by the beats of our hearts, one that speaks of its own poetry and brings the mind to cerebral ecstasy.

PIGMENTARIUM is a Czech perfume house founded in 2018 by creative duo Tomas Ric and Jakub F. Hiermann. Jakub studied perfumery in London where he lived before moving back to Prague, his native city. Tomas, who has a background in the economy and fashion business is the CEO of PIGMENTARIUM. Together they realized their dream is to communicate with the world through fragrance.