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Freedom ring


A ring that has been created to signify “freedom”. Best worn alone as a statement.

The design is inspired by famous Estonian sculpture “Enne Vihma” (Before Rain) 1971 by Riho Kuld.


Pääsukestega sõrmus FREEDOM kollektsioonist sümboliseerib õnne ning lootust. Sobib suurepäraselt signatuur-ehteks.



Collection FREEDOM speaks of an inner libertine and depicts a lightweight flight towards freedom. Freedom is something that inside of us; freedom is knowing yourself and thinking independently; freedom nurtures the will, and the inner need to become better.

The design depicts the liberty of flight, leading towards new heights. Thousands of swallows fly freely and connect into a single whole in every jewelry piece of this collection. A swallow is a national bird of Estonia and a symbol of freedom, love, loyalty, and peace. The spirit of this bird is joyful and full of hope.

Like American writer Elbert Hubbard once said: “Freedom cannot be bestowed — it must be achieved.” Collection FREEDOM cheers an achievement of the brand’s home country becoming free and symbolizes independence at large.


Eesti rahvuslind on suitsupääsuke, mis sümboliseerib vaba taevalaotust ning õnne. Meie pääsukestega kollektsioon, mil nimeks FREEDOM, sobib kandmiseks ka neile, kes ehk muidu patriootlikku sümboolikat pelgavad. Ülemaailmselt on pääsukesed vabaduse, lojaalsuse, õnne, lootuse ja rahu sümboliks.

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white rhodium plated silver

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