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BLOSSOM small floret ring with Rose Agate


This ring blooms under the sun and projects positivity. Wear it as a single charm or mix and match by creating your own blooming bouquet of rings.

BLOSSOM ring shank is designed to look like a pedicel of a flower, but it is also designed to be very comfortable on finger. The silver feels almost soft around the finger.



BLOSSOM  sõrmus roosa ahhaadiga sobib hästi üksi kandmiseks, kuid seda võib ka kombineerida teiste BLOSSOM kollektsiooni sõrmustega, et luua pilkupüüdev lillekimbu mulje. Eriti hästi sobivad selle sõrmusega kimbu loomiseks valged pärlid, rohelised aventuriinid aga ka merevaik.
Sõrmuse kuju on disainitud selliselt, et seda oleks mugav kanda. Hõbe mõjub peaaegu et pehmena ümber sõrme.




Through the variety of shades found in Scandinavian nature, “Blossom” the collection by Hyrv has captured the gentle elegance of flowers amongst the lavish novelty of spring.

Mystic moonstones, smoky quartz, dreamy Peruvian opals, egg yolk amber, glistening green aventurines and crisp peridots create a garden-fresh symphony in each jewellery piece. Softly shaped blossoms reflect a balance of strength and vulnerability in every woman.

This collection is created to highlight beauty of any lady, regardless her age or lifestyle. Pieces can be mixed and matched in different ways, combining blossoms into an individually picked bouquet, to take you on a journey to spring valley…

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