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Bones sõrmus helerohelise kaltsedoniga


See kohandatava suurusega sõrmus on julge ja elegantne samaaegselt. Kasutatud on jõudu andvat musta oonüksit ning peibutavat mündise alatooniga helerohelist kaltsedoni.




The BONES collection is about the deep influence of spiritual attributes designed in modern forms of the finest detail. Combining the spiritual significance of bones, modern forms and technologies, we created collection BONES for both men and women.

This collection is a modern vision of rebirth and mysticism. In early societies, jewelry was worn as amulets to protect against bad luck and illness. Jewelry was worn for its magical properties. First jewelry was made of bones, feathers and stones. One of the base principles of our jewellery brand is the belief that everything in the universe is connected. Each shape in nature implies repetition in many places, from geological folds to ripples on water, from wrinkles in skin to pleats in clothing. With this collection we’ve tried to show these interconnections and remind us all, that we are part of nature.

Bones double stone ring adds a dose of character to any look. This ring is set with a siable mint chalcedony and onyx cabochons. The size is adjustable and wraps around the finger in a most comfortable way.






Oonüks ja heleroheline kaltsedon