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Olivia from ATTACHE MOI and Sous le Manteau

Olivia Bransbourg is the founder and director of the brands Attache-Moi and Sous le Manteau. Both brands available at our concept store (check our perfume selection).

After studying art history and developing her career in museums and galleries between Germany (she was the head of the studio of Jochen Gerz), England, and France, Olivia launched in 2006 in Paris her own magazine ICONOfly and later fragrance brands ATTACHE MOI and Sous le Manteau. It is fair to say that Olivia is a modern Renaissance woman – her baggage of knowledge and experiences is enormous.

Olivia’s perfumes are sexy sultry scents that draw you into their spell. We thought that it could be interesting for you to get to know her better. Our perfume stylist Kai asked couple of questions from her.


Kai: Tell me, how did You discover perfumery for Yourself?
Olivia: The day I found out that a scent had this capacity to transport, to elevate, to affect spirits.

Kai: How would You explain the difference between mass production commercial perfumery and luxury perfumery to those who haven’t been acquainted to the luxury perfumes yet?
Olivia: Commercial perfumery intends to appeal to as many people as possible and most often doesn’t have a strong identity, at least to me, but this is always very subjective. On the other side, artisan or luxury perfumery aim towards excellence in the quality of the ingredients, in the narrative, in the respect of the perfumers creative intentions. I would compare this to a work of art. Imagine listening to Arvo Pärt being performed by an ensemble and choir vs being played on an electronic keyboard. But at the same time, commercial perfumery may lead to luxury since you always need to start somewhere to educate yourself. I’ve had great loves when I was a teenager for commercial perfumes. I can’t smell them again today, they no longer transport me as they used to. 

Kai: Do You see perfumery as a form of art?
Olivia: Oh yes. Absolutely, at least as long as it touches souls.

Kai: You have now already 2 perfume houses. What keeps You motivated?
Olivia: Discovering new territories of expression. Pushing the boundaries. I am restless and workaholic. But I dream all the time.

Kai: What was the first fragrance You were given?
Olivia: Many samples, dozens actually, from Guerlain, Hermès and Estee Lauder. Back in the early 80’s when the fragrance market was not saturated as it is today. I collected them.

Kai: What was the first fragrance You bought Yourself?
Olivia: Loulou by Cacharel. I was 13.

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Kai: What advice would You give to any aspiring perfume fanatic in Estonia, who is dreaming of creating their own perfume house?
Olivia: Write down your history, your background, your struggles and your desires. Put all this in a bottle or in a brief. I just found out that the most beautiful name on earth for your country is still available. Write me a love letter and I will give it to you ! 

Kai: What has inspired You recently?
Olivia: Precisely as I am writing to you – the rain – the droplets of it as I am writing this. The sound of these. A music in itself. I am protected partially by an awning but I wish I were under a tree and could smell the rain in the forest, the mud, the leaves.

Kai: Do You follow any perfume critic and what do You think about perfume bloggers/vloggers overall?
Olivia: Fragrantica. The Perfume Chronicles. Quite a few instagram accounts. The one by Odedeparfum makes me laugh. 

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Kai: Scents can trigger a lot of different emotions and memories. Which smell makes You feel in love?
Olivia: The one that makes me feel confident, an invisible armor.

Kai: The scent You love on a man?
Olivia: His smell when he wakes up.

Kai: Tell us three tips when wearing perfume?
Olivia: On your wrists.
On your neck.
Behind your ears.
On your legs for summer nights …

Kai: Creating perfumes is often compared of creating music. Who are some of Your favourite perfumers and who are Your favourite musicians?
Olivia: Don’t start me there, I could write for very long. Can this be the subject of another interview ? Pairing perfumers and musicians ? Like a week in review. I would love the exercise.

Kai: Who are Your all-time favourite artists?
Olivia: Rubens, Titien, Tintoretto, Rafael, Poussin … Tracey Emin, Rut Blees Luxemburg, Simon English. 

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Kai: Which perfume You are wearing these days?
Olivia: My next one…


Kai: What would the title of Your autobiography be?
Olivia: Suis moi. (Follow me but it can also mean I am)