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Titanium Balloons jewelry presentation

Yesterday we had presented our newest jewellery collection “Titanium Balloons” for our guests in Hyrv Studio. For this jewellery collection we use titanium shapes instead of stones, which are moulded in silver. In the collection you can find different sizes and shapes of earrings, rings, a brooch and a necklace. This collection was really a challenge for us, and we find it amazing – making light balloons from one of the hardest materials, titanium! The collection follows Hyrv’s signature: sophisticated jewellery that embodies dimension and clean lines. Thinking through every single detail, there is nothing superfluous in Hyrv’s jewellery.


Titanium Balloon long ring ( Scandinavian green titanium shade)


Kateryna Pishon in Rose shade Titanium Balloons earrings


Long Titanium Balloon ring – Rose shade


Vitaly Holstinin and Kateryna Pishon with Luciné Ayanian