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Shape and color in jewelry

Shape, as well as color,has its expressive value. We only need to recall the artworks of the Cubists to see that. In jewelry creation, just like in the painting, the qualities of the shape and color must interact synchronously, shape and color should complement each other; color gives the soul to the shape.

Auguste Rodin, Molding of Auguste Rodin’s hand holding a torso, 1917, plaster. © Musée Rodin, photo by Christian Baraja
After a well thought idea of the decorating element and processing of all the details Monquér creates a design with regard to the shape and color, which blends harmoniously into the daily life, helping you to be elegant, stylish and keep up with the times.

Hyrv sketch book, searching the shape of engagement ring © Hyrv studio, photo by Luciné Ayanian