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Vase “The Shift” by Raili Keiv (white/platinum)


The Shift – sculptural vase.

Combination of controlled shape and uncontrollable pattern.

The circle is a perfect shape, yet constricting in its infinite cyclicalness.

“While searching for the way out of this constrictedness, I asked myself how to liberate the circle from its own vicious circle and what this will involve.” Raili Keiv



Raili Keiv studied ceramics and product design at the Estonian Academy of Arts, but also in Germany and Denmark. Raili´s work is closely connected to the essence of the materials she uses. For example, the perfectibility and possibilities of porcelain has been her main subject for many years. Even if Raili is fascinated by testing the boundaries of porcelain, she is still focusing on the more-or-less functional aspects of the objects, having special preference for everyday tableware.



Raili Keiv on tudeerinud Eesti Kunstiakadeemias nii keraamikat kui ka tootedisaini ning täiendanud end Kopenhaagenis ja Saksamaal, Euroopa portselanitööstuse hällis. Raili tööde keskmes on tarbekeraamika, spetsiifilisemalt lauanõud, ning kuigi tema peamine töövahend on portselan, sest “see lihtsalt on nii perfektne”, intrigeerib teda ka materjalide omavaheline dialoog.

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ceramical vase

full dimensions

26 x 11 cm


1 kg


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