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Mohur is a rose-based fragrance, a combination of opulent Moghul rose perfumes and a distinguished spicy leather bouquet that can only be imagined during a polo match.
To capture this moment, Mohur has been created as a refined rose-oudh alliance that pays tribute to Noor Jahan’s power and talent. Empress Noor Jahan devoted herself to the art of perfumery as it had been passed down from her mother.
It exemplifies the nearly 500-year span of India’s history that was shaped by a succession of influences from the outside world, from invaders to traders to colonizers, and which also gave rise to some of the most magnificent architecture the world has ever seen, including the Taj Mahal. The word Mohur derives from Sanskrit and refers to the most valuable gold coin in India’s history, the last of which were minted in 1918.

The scent embodies, and is a dedication to, the mix of all the best of Moghul and the British Raj – a complex period in history for Indians which saw the flowering of unique gifts of the arts, music and education.

Olfactive family: oriental woody

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Neela Vermeire Créations perfumes are unisex creations for people who are self-assured and do not need to show and project a persona; people who are happy to be themselves and not defined by external signs of wealth or need to show. These are for a modern man or woman of any age – any generation of confident people. People who share with those close to them their precious sillage but do not wish to announce their arrival with a heavy sillage fragrance.

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