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oil painting on canvas “Al Pacino” by Helmi Arrak


In 1983, director Brian De Palma and writer Oliver Stone dropped a movie called “Scarface” – a retelling of the classic US immigrant gangster tale. At its center was a character who would become one of the most infamous in all of cinema- Tony Montana (performed by Al Pacino), who came to the U.S. in the Mariel boatlift of 1980 and whose idea of the American dream was to have the world at his feet, at the expense of anyone and anything who stood in his way.

Al Pacino’s performance in the film has become the stuff of legend.





Helmi Arrak is a multidisciplinary artist creating in the fields of illustration, design and fine arts.

Helmi received her BA in Painting from the University of Tartu and a degree in Furniture Design at the Tartu Art College.
Arising from a passion for diverse methods and possibilities, from lines and sketches to form and material, Helmi`s work is a combination of raw talent and ideas and an interest to continuously evolve in different mediums.




Helmi Arrak on Eesti kunstnik.

2007–2010 õppis ta Tartu Ülikooli maaliosakonnas ja 2010. aastast Tartu Kõrgema Kunstikooli mööbliosakonnas.
Põhiliselt kujutab Arrak inimesi, kuulsusi, loomi ja muid tegelasi, kelle kaudu jutustab lugusid, tema looming on visandlik ja illustratiivne. Arraku töid kasutavad mitmed trükiväljaanded.

Helmi Arrak on pälvinud Kau Akadeemia noore kunstniku stipendiumi (2012).

Loe intervjuud Helmi Arrakuga siit.

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