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Senyoko perfume “DUO DES FLEURS”


“Under the dense canopy where the white jasmine blends with the red rose… escape with me tonight, I hear Sarasvatī calling us from afar!”

A chaotic fin de siècle adventure at the end of the 19th century: two lovers are escaping the British Raj. The Flower Duet, which was the genesis of a tragedy, becomes the source of felicity.
Senyokô’s Duo des Fleurs conceptually echoes the world’s best known duet by Léo Delibes, combining two of perfumery’s most traditional and beloved flower scents – rose and jasmine. Duo des Fleurs presents this typical combination in a new, exotic, offbeat, and discreet manner. The flower duet’s unity creates uniqueness; Its strength, resilience; its delicacy, longing and its combined beauty, lust.



“DUO DES FLEURS” perfume by Senyoko.

Established in 2016, Senyoko is a Paris- based independent fragrance brand. Senyoko demonstrates a unique fusion of French luxury and Japanese elegance by blending avant-garde elements from literature, fine arts, and music rooted in both Eastern and Western cultures. The story behind each Senyoko creation was initially told at the creators’ bedtime, and now is told by a selected niche artist. Senyoko is the ultimate form of beauty.

The brand’s livery comprises neutral tones of black and white, with an accent of red. This timeless combination complements the Senyoko aesthetics: refinement and restraint with an unexpected flourish. The tricolor fuses both Eastern and Western sensibilities.

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