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Meet our perfume stylist Kai

Kai has studied philosophy and music. She likes to combine and connect knowledge from those studies with the perfume world. She has experience working with luxury perfumes for 4 years with well-known commercial luxury brands. Now She would like to realise her passion for perfumery and olfactive world by working with smaller artistic brands.

The journey into perfume world started in her early ages. She got her first perfume from her mother when she was 8 years old. That cologne was called “Pretty Peach” and she still remembers the fruity and powdery scent of it.

Smells don’t have a separate vocabulary, even professionals who make a living out of categorising wines or perfumes will describe scents and flavours in terms of other things: hints of blackberry and tobacco, an aftertaste of chocolate and oak, etc. We can pick out sharpness, sweetness, acridity, sourness and not that much beyond. This is what interests Kai – how to translate the experience of a scent into words and emotions.


You are hereby invited to be part of our extraordinary fragrance events at Hyrv studio. The list of past events is already a bit too long to share here, but we’ve had many exciting evenings including event with magnificent Olivia Bransbourg from Attache Moi and Sous le Manteau perfume houses, scented cocktail event with Estonia’s best artisan cocktail bar Botaanik, perfumed dinners and scented wine degustations with local professionals etc.

We’re constantly working on an exciting programme of new events.

You can also book a private perfume lecture & evening with our experienced perfume stylist. Our perfume evening is perfect way to entertain Yourself, collaboration partners, friends or colleagues both male and female at any age. It is also a perfect addition to bridal showers, weddings, birthdays, corporate events, and incentive programs.

You will get to know the history of perfumery, a bit about the ingredients, how to scent the ambience according to aromatherapeutical view and how to use different scents and scented products to improve everyday life, instructions how to choose perfume for Yourself or as a gift, learn to distinct aroma which is Yours and Yours alone, etc.

Evening will be filled with knew knowledge, surprising facts and lots of magical odours. Our goal is to bring exotic and luxurious perfume world closer to people. Our mission is to help people to understand the language of scent and bring more pleasure and joy to everyday life.

You can also book a jewelry event at our studio, where jeweller Kateryna will introduce the world of gemstones and precious metals.

For more information contact us by sending us e-mail at info@hyrv.co