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Estonian Jewelry Studio Hyrv

Although jewelry pieces of Estonian Jewelry Studio Hyrv (Monquér in past) represent modesty and laconism their fundamental part is as incomprehensible and complex as our individuality.


Achieving purity of lines, like a sculptor, who cuts superfluous from a block of marble, we aim to highlight the essence of the Beautiful. The material can only indicate the limits within which applies an artistic inspiration. What delights us in visible Beauty is always something elusive.


Taste is a rough diamond that is given to us at birth. It should be faceted, and then it becomes a cut diamond. Self-education and development for internal growth, rather than for benefits. The magazines usually represent the commercial approach, the purpose is to sell, not educate and bring up the aesthetic perception.


In any case, our jewelry pieces is not a fashion, because fashion is a trend and our products, passing from generation to generation, live much longer than human life. We hope that one day Hyrv we’ll become a part of the history and embody the jewelry aesthetics of our time.