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All I want for Christmas is a…

All I want for Christmas is…a piece of some lovely jewelry.

Yesterday  was the first Sunday of Advent, which means ‘Coming’ in Latin, time filled with joy of waiting and preparing for Christmas: magic moments with snowflakes in the air, warmth of fireplace and cinnamon scent at home :). Sounds like a fairy tale from our childhood?

antler medium ringAntler earrings silver


Indeed, Christmas is not a time nor a season. Its a state of our mind when we are looking for unique, valuable gifts to make everybody happy: our dear mums, dads, children, friends, colleagues and everyone else we care about. Christmas is all about giving and generosity :).



Contemporary silver jewelry with authentic Scandinavian design like Antlers or elegant and minimalist Tori or Cocochnik is a great example to make an outstanding and exclusive choice for the ones you love. Overall, gift is a symbolic way to ensure your true feelings and leave the beautiful memories behind it.

 Keep your Christmas-heart open all the year round 😉 ! We hope all Your Christmas wishes come true!